Scandinavian tales

Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI) published a report “Three Future Scenarios for Nordic Military Operations”. In this report experts tried to justify the necessity of Scandinavian military cooperation. However, experts clearly overdid and turned the publication into open and provocative anti-Russian material.

This is evidenced by the fact that in all alleged scenarios Russia is represented as an aggressor. For example, in the first one, the need for military cooperation between Finland, Sweden and Norway is justified by a sharp increase of the military and political pressure of Moscow against Oslo. 

The second variant assumes Russia will deploy S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems on the Swedish island of Gotland. Moreover, Moscow will deny this fact and later declare about the absence of Russian troops in Sweden. According to the last one, Russia will attack all three regional powers simultaneously.

Obviously, all the scenarios presented are fictitious. The current geopolitical situation and the world order makes their implementation impossible. In addition, the military and political leadership of the Russian Federation has repeatedly stated the peaceful nature of foreign policy aimed at ensuring national security exclusively.

It is worth noting that the author of the report refused to the use non-existent countries or consider the possibility of a potential threat from other states. However, Russia was purposefully exposed as an aggressor. It is easy to assume that the publication was aimed at creating an enemy image of Russia among the target audience as well as increasing tension between the countries.

In this regard, the official FFI report can be considered exclusively as a propaganda and misinformation aimed at creating a negative image of Russia among residents of the Scandinavian countries. The provocative nature of the material once again emphasizes the refusal of Western countries to build trustful and good-neighborly relations with Moscow.


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