TechnipFMC sighned contract with Novatek

UK-based services  firm TechnipFMC has been awarded the engineering, procurement and  construction (EPC) contract for the Arctic LNG 2 project from Russian  independent gas producer Novatek.

Under the contract, TechnipFMC  will be responsible for the engineering, procurement, supply,  construction, and commissioning of an integrated liquefied natural gas  facility with annual capacity of 19.8 million tons as part of the Arctic  LNG 2 project.

“The team that  implemented the unique Yamal LNG project in record time and within the  budget has launched an even more ambitious and innovative project,” TASS  quotes the words of Novatek's board chairman Leonid Michelson. At the  same time, he noted that the accumulated experience of joint work on the  construction of LNG plants in the Arctic region will make it possible  to implement the Arctic LNG project in the shortest possible time.

 It provides for the construction of a plant for the production of  liquefied natural gas on the basis of the Morning Field (Yamal  Peninsula). The resource potential of the field (as of December 31 of  last year) averages 1.138 trillion cubic meters of natural gas and 57  million tons of liquid hydrocarbons.
The plant's capacity is  expected to be 19.8 million tons per year, the launch of the first phase  of the project is scheduled for 2023. In total, it is planned to build  three phases for the production of LNG, each of which will amount to 6.6  million tons per year.


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