Russia has the right to a continental shelf in the Arctic

The UN Sub-Commission recognized the geographical identity of part of the Arctic as a continuation of the continental shelf of the Russian Federation. This was announced by the head of the Federal Subsoil Use Agency (Rosnedra) Yevgeny Kiselev.

"In the framework of the work carried out by Rosnedra and the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation this year, in particular, materials were prepared at the sessions of the UN subcommittee that will enable the 49th session of the subcommission to make a decision that is extremely important for us. The subcommission stated that the territories belong to which we include in the extended borders of the continental shelf, to the structures of the continuation of the shelf and the continent of the Russian Federation. This is the most important statement that to some extent determines the success of our application ", - said Iselle, speaking on board Rosnedra. He also added that I am now awaiting a decision on the application in the next two to three sessions of the subcommittee, the head of department said.

Recall that Russia has defended its right to the shelf since 2001, when it was the first among the world powers to file an application with the UN Commission on the Law of the Sea to extend the borders of the shelf beyond the 200-mile economic zone. However, the application was rejected "due to lack of evidence."

In recent years, the Russian Federation has done a great research work to clarify the boundaries of the continental shelf, dozens of expeditions were organized to study the structure of the seabed of the Arctic Ocean. The high-latitude expedition “Arctic-2007” and the installation of a titanium flag of the Russian Federation at the ocean floor and a capsule with a message to descendants became significant in this regard.

The Arctic is huge for Russia and the country is determined to start developing energy resources in this zone by 2020. In order to bring final clarity to this issue, in 2015, Russia filed another application to the UN, providing comprehensive data confirming the right to large Arctic areas. In particular, this concerns the Lomonosov Ridge and other areas of the Arctic Ocean seabed, including the Podvodnikov Basin, Mendeleev Ridge, the Gakkel Ridge South End, and the North Pole Zone, which will expand Russian territory by 1,200 thousand square meters. km And to increase the potential hydrocarbon reserves by 5 billion standard fuel.

Norway, USA, Canada and Denmark also claim for different parts of the Arctic Ocean, which contain at least 83 billion tons of standard fuel, 80% of them fall to the Barents and Kara seas. At the same time, the probability of discovering new large oil and gas fields in unexplored areas is quite high. At the same time, only Denmark submitted an application for the expansion of the shelf borders at the present time, except for Russia.

It is safe to say that the approval of the application by the UN subcommittee has become the second “Arctic victory” of Russia. At the end of November 2013, the UN officially recognized the enclave section in the middle part of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, which covers an area of ​​52 thousand square meters. km., part of the Russian continental shelf. Thus, Moscow received exclusive rights to use the bowels of the enclave and access to its resources. According to estimates of the Rosneft corporation, currently on the shelf of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk there are about 1, 1 billion tons of oil and 2 trillion cu. tons of gas.


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