January 9th, 2020

Russian arctic is a territory of development

The Arctic  territories that are rich in natural resources have recently become an  important place of international development and geopolitical interests.  In the foreseeable future “all across the Arctic, changes in climate  will create new vulnerabilities for infrastructure and present new  design challenges.

So, the development in the Arctic is  heavily troubled by political and legal risks. In addition, “the intense  cold for much of the year, long periods of near-total darkness, the  potential ice-pack damage to offshore facilities, the marshy tundra  dictating seasonal activity in many areas and the limited biological  activity all will take a huge toll on equipment and personnel.

Russia will adopt this year a new  strategy for the development of the Russian Arctic until 2035, Russian  President Vladimir Putin said.

This year Russian government is going to  draft and adopt a new strategy for the development of the Russian  Arctic up to 2035. It is to combine measures stipulated in our national  projects and state programs, the investment plans of infrastructure  companies and programs for developing Arctic regions and cities.

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