November 26th, 2019

Why little Greenland is turning into an object of great US ambitions

 The  US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo discussed with Danish Foreign  Minister Eppe Kufood and Anne Lone Bagger, the head of the Foreign  Ministry of Greenland, the prospect of creating an American consulate in  Greenland. Negotiations took place in Washington on November 14. 

 According to the sources of the authoritative publication Foreign  Policy, the  American consulate can open in Greenland already in 2020,  at least seven diplomats will be working in the consulate. Before, the  United States had already opened diplomatic missions in Greenland in  1940 during the Nazi occupation of Denmark. It lasted until 1953, after  which it was closed. Now the United States decided to reanimate it.

 However, the fact of a visit by representatives of the Danish and  Greenland diplomats to Washington (as well as the US proposal to create  its own consulate) is puzzling. Indeed, until recently, American  President Donald Trump announced his desire to acquire Greenland, which  is currently part of Denmark, in the ownership of the United States.

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