November 19th, 2019

US calls for dialogue with Russian to prevent its leadership in the Arctic

Russia  has every opportunity to expand its influence in the Arctic, which is  unacceptable for the United States. That means it can entail not only a  serious crisis, but also a conflict.

This  conclusion was made by Rebecca Pincus, associate professor of strategic  and operational research at the United States Naval College.

According  to her, such a scenario is quite possible in conditions when the Arctic  region has been in the center of political and economic attention. At  the same time, she claims that none of the countries supposedly has  leadership in the Arctic, believing that only the United States can have  such a leadership.

In  this regard, Pincus recalled that back in 2002, the Russia-NATO Council  was formed, which in this situation can help Washington not miss its  chance in the Arctic. The expert suggests intensifying the dialogue with  Moscow through the North Atlantic Alliance in order to be able to  impose its own position in the Arctic direction.

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