October 3rd, 2019

Russian LNG tanker heading towards Puerto Rico

The Catalunya Spirit tanker carrying Russian liquefied natural gas (LNG) will reach the coast of Puerto Rico on October 30. This was reported on Tuesday by Bloomberg, which managed to get acquainted with the data on the movement of ships.

According to Bloomberg, the vessel is transporting a batch of LNG received from the Yamal LNG terminal of the Russian company Novatek and loaded at the terminal of the Belgian port of Zeebrugge. The agency cites data from the US Department of Energy’s Energy Information Administration, according to which Puerto Rico relies heavily on energy, including gas, to provide electricity to the public. The fact that cargo from the Arctic will reach the Caribbean indicates a rapid development of LNG trade, and also emphasizes that once a premium source of energy is becoming increasingly affordable for small buyers, the agency points out.

Novatek's deputy chairman of the board, Mark Jetway, said in an email sent to Bloomberg that the company was selling gas directly or indirectly to 26 countries, so he said he could not comment on this supply. “I’ll say that we look forward to delivering LNG at competitive prices to all world markets that need natural gas, including the United States and Puerto Rico <...>,” his words are quoted by Bloomberg.

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