September 24th, 2019

Great Britain engulfed in Arctic fever

Exactly one year ago, British Secretary of Defense Gavin Williamson announced a new defense strategy for the United Kingdom in the Arctic region, the main goal of which, he said, was to protect against the “Russian threat”.

“Russia with a large number of submarines operating under the ice, and the intention to build more than 100 objects, claims and militarizes the region. We must be prepared to confront all threats as they arise, ”the politician said.

Another statement about the “Russian expansion” of the polar latitudes came from the mouth of Williamson in February this year. He explained that the strengthening of British influence in the Far North is taking place within the framework of the ten-year program recently adopted by the authorities of the Kingdom to build up its presence in the Arctic Circle. It is implemented jointly with the Norwegian authorities and provides for the joint training of 800 British Marines and Norwegian military personnel who will serve annually in Scandinavia under rotational conditions. “This is necessary for the formation of a united British-Norwegian brigade in the region,” Williamson explained.

In addition, the politician announced the appearance in the Arctic region by 2020 of the latest P-8 Poseidon anti-submarine aircraft. In addition, the northern territorial waters will patrol the submarines of the British Navy, which are currently deployed in the city of Lossimuth (Scotland).

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