July 24th, 2019

The Arctic: a fine line between cooperation and confrontation

Many states  around the world give high priority to the Arctic and the prospects for  its development. The optimistic mantra of consensus cooperation  camouflages the transformation of a conflict-free region into a spot  for  
a geopolitical clash. There are increasing allegations of the  Extreme North gradually turning into a field of acute competition  between the Arctic, subarctic and extra-regional powers. At the same  time, the line between cooperation and confrontation is a fine one.

Thus, US Secretary of the Navy Richard  V. Spencer announced in January 2019 that the Navy is developing a  resumption plan for the Adak strategic base  in Alaska and considering  the operations in the Arctic to show the US flag. In this regard,  Washington is planning to send its surface craft to the Arctic waters  for the first time. The statements of Denmark’s defense minister Claus  Hjort Frederiksen are also twofold. On the one hand, the politician  declares that the kingdom adheres  to the peaceful development of the  Arctic, but ... “at the same time, we have  no right to be naive when  other countries are gaining a foothold in the region. Therefore, we must  pay constant attention to the development of the Arctic and North  Atlantic together with our allies.”

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