July 19th, 2019

US and Britain see the Arctic as a theater of war

Washington and London continue to look for opportunities to exert pressure on the Russian Federation in the Arctic and on every occasion they openly declare it. So, US National Security Adviser John Bolton  speaking before the graduates of the Coast Guard Academy in June announced intention to establish US year-round military presence in the Arctic to counteract Russian influence. Undoubtedly, the very fact of such statements as well as  practical actions strengthens geopolitical tensions and impedes the normalization of international relations.

Commenting on the statement of the American politician Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman M.V. Zakharova stressed: “All US actions once again testify to the outlined change in the American approach to the Arctic. Judging by militant rhetoric the line on transforming the region into a theater of military operations and on the escalation of tensions becomes dominative”. Indeed, the White House cooperates with six countries of the Arctic Council in the field of defense, intends to increase the number of military exercises in the north and regularly sends its military contingent to the Arctic countries. All these actions adversely affect the development of the geopolitical situation in the region and increase tensions in international relations.

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