May 29th, 2019

How the US invades the Arctic region

On May 6-7  Finland hosted the 11th Arctic Council Ministerial Meeting. After this  meeting it became clear that the United States of America see the Arctic  as a battlefield against Russia and China. Besides, the White House is  not interested in solving global international problems and is pursuing  exclusively economic and military interests in the region. 

Thus, the US Secretary of State M.  Pompeo stated that Russia and China pose a global threat to the security  and safety in the Arctic and proposed to include this question in the  annual agenda. By this initiative the American politician violated a  number of the Organization’s statutory documents prohibiting the Arctic  Council from dealing with military security issues.

Indeed, China and Russia are the two  main rivals of the United States in the Arctic. Their cooperation is  hindering Washington’s imperialist ambitions realization. The exhausting  trade war with Beijing, the growing military power of Moscow, and plans  of the two superpowers to connect the Russian Northern Sea Route (NSR)  with the Chinese Maritime Silk Road (MSR) put an end to the American  idea of domination in the Arctic. In this regard, the United States  increases military presence in the north. Sending warships as part of  the operation FONOP (“to ensure freedom of navigation”) is a new step of  Washington to destabilize the situation in the region.

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