May 8th, 2019

On the brink of destruction

Norwegian  ecologists and representatives of oil and gas companies continue  discussions concerning decline in hydrocarbons output according to the  Paris Agreements.

Thus a difficult ecological dilemma was  formed around the decision of Norwegian government with regard to  development of a new brass minefield in the north part of the country.  The resolution gives Norwegian mining company Nussir an operating  license for copper mining in Kvalsund municipality as well as entitles  to dump wastes into the Repparfjord. Such an approach met a sharp critic  on the part of local population supporting preservation of the ecology  and arctic nature.

According to the statement of Norwegian  Minister of Trade, Industry and Fisheres Ò.Isaksen the transition to  green economy depends on increasing production of new metals which are  planned to be used in high technologies. Besides, the company Nussir ASA  notes that industrial wastes in processing will be lowered to bottom  instead of being mounted and mixed with water. Such procedure will lower  the risk of pollution of the water area of Barents sea.

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