April 10th, 2019

Futuristic army complex resides far above the Arctic Circle

A futuristic army complex resides far above the Arctic Circle in a  region where there is no sunlight from November through January and  nothing but sunshine (when it's not cloudy) 24 hours a day from May to  August.

The army base was constructed after Russian president  Vladimir Putin realized the strategic and economic potential of his  country's northern frontier, AFP reports. The outpost is dubbed the Northern Clover (or Severny Klever in Russian), a nod to its trefoil shape, and is painted in white, blue and red — the colors of the Russian national flag.

The  Northern Clover is located on Kotelny Island, part of the New Siberian  Islands in the eastern Arctic. The Russians strategically situated the  remote base between the Laptev Sea and the East Siberian Sea on the  Arctic shipping route. Not surprisingly, the weather is constantly  frigid in an area that remote and though the seasons technically change,  it seems as if perpetual winter has taken hold. 

Temperatures  most of the year are below freezing there, based on NOAA climate data  collected from 1961 to 1990. The only months with an average temperature  above freezing are July and August, according to AccuWeather  Meteorologist Steve Travis.

The average temperature is minus 18  degrees Fahrenheit, and the average in January and February is right  around minus 22 F. Those numbers are monthly averages, and it can get  much colder than that in a typical winter with temperatures bottoming  out at 58 below zero. 

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