April 9th, 2019

Why the US does not want Russia to develop the Northern Sea Route?

The fifth Arctic Forum “The Arctic: Territory of Dialogue” opened in  St. Petersburg. The key topic of the forum is the development of the  Northern Sea Route. However, its full-fledged launch will mean  undermining the main factor of the economic power of the United States  and their partners, which is carried out through the control of global  trade through the logistics of shipping.

It is no coincidence that the  United States and its partners relate to the prospects of the NSR so  sharply negative: its full launch would mean undermining the main factor  of their economic power, exercised through control of global trade  through the logistics of shipping.

The Northern Sea Route strikes at the most expensive thing that  Washington has: its own wallet, and this Washington cannot only forgive:  it stupidly has no right to allow it. This is not even “Nord Stream 2”,  which for one of the branches of the American economy is, of course,  very unpleasant, but by no means lethal. Here, according to many  experts, the United States can immediately lose in the system-forming  issue of regulating global world trade through the banal “price issue”.

As a result, Russia faces opposition to the project even now, from the  first stage, when the question of setting container traffic to flow  through the NSR is, by definition, just “promising” and not at all  acute.

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Полярные богатыри России

На Международном арктическом форуме, который открылся в Санкт-Петербурге, обсуждают перспективы Северного морского пути. Это  кратчайшая магистраль из Азии в Европу и центральный экономический  проект России в Арктике.   А наличие у России атомного ледокольного флота (кстати, это — единственная страна в мире, которая им располагает)  лишь добавляет «бонусов» в арктическую «копилку» России. В планах Москвы — модернизация существующих и строительство новых ледоколов, некоторые из которых в буквальном смысле слова поражают воображение! Идем под кат

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Putin presents ambitious Arctic expansion program

 President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday put forward an ambitious program to  secure Russia's foothold in the Arctic, including efforts to build new  ports and other infrastructure facilities and expand an icebreaker  fleet.

Speaking at the Arctic forum in St. Petersburg attended by  leaders of Finland, Denmark, Iceland and Norway, Putin said that Russia  plans to dramatically increase cargo shipments across the Arctic sea  route.

He said that the amount of cargo carried across the  shipping lane is set to increase from 20 million metric tons last year  to 80 million tons in 2025.

"This is a realistic, well-calculated and concrete task," Putin said.

He noted that Russia, the only nation with a nuclear icebreaker fleet, is moving to expand it.

 Russia currently has four nuclear icebreakers, and Putin said that  three new such ships are currently under construction. By 2035, Russia  stands to have a fleet of 13 heavy icebreakers, including nine  nuclear-powered ones, he said.

The Russian leader said that  Russia plans to expand the ports on both sides of the Arctic shipping  route — Murmansk on the Kola Peninsula and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky on  the Kamchatka Peninsula — and invited foreign companies to invest in the  reconstruction project.

Other ports and infrastructure facilities along the route will also be upgraded and expanded, he said.

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