February 20th, 2019

The pole of attraction

Norway and Finland are trying to promote a new round of confrontation in the Arctic…

Last Monday, The Norwegian Intelligence Service published a report stating that the special services of Russia and China "are conducting active intelligence activities" against the Kingdom. "These two countries are able to carry out complex offensive operations in the network and constantly develop their capabilities," writes the local newspaper Verdens Gang, citing the latest report of the Agency. Military analysts say that the increased interest in Norway is evoked by its proximity to the Arctic. At the same time, experts do not exclude that the pressure on the Kingdom from Russia and China will only grow. And in this, particular important role is given to the possible interference with GPS systems used in air traffic.

Here we should recall last year's incident, when Norway allegedly recorded the jamming of satellite navigation signals over the airspace of the provinces of Troms and Finnmark during last year's exercises of NATO member countries Trident Juncture, accusing Russia of what happened. Moreover, last week the Director of the Norwegian Intelligence Service Morten Haga Lunde even demonstrated the Agency's "evidence". In particular, Lunde claims that the "jammers" were first situated near Pechenga, and then moved to the area of the closed Luostari air base which is near the Norwegian border.

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