February 1st, 2019

Environmental unscrupulousness of Norway

According to Kurt Odlekalf, independent ecologist and head of the The Norwegian Society for the Conservation of Nature, the mercury threat hangs over the Arctic. This is about the German submarine U 864 which sank off the coast of Norway in February 9, 1945. According to experts estimates the submarine contains 65 tons of mercury and at about 2 tons of uranium oxide and the risk of its leakage to the North Sea basin is quite high.

According to Odlekalf the most dangerous scenario is an explosion on the submarine that would make the island uninhabitable. The ecologist also did not rule out the possibility of mercury entering the territorial waters of the Russian Arctic.
”If a catastrophe happens the poisonous substance will reach the Barents Sea
in 13-14 days,” said Oddleklaf.  

The ecologist reminded that the wreckage of U-864 had been discovered as far back as in 2003 but the issue of the disposal of toxic waste has not shifted. However what kind of reaction can we expect from the country that blatantly violates international environmental norms and rules? Let me remind that Norway is the only state that still refuses to sign the “The Convention on the Prevention of Marine Pollution by Dumping of Wastes and Other Matter 1972”.  

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